Good day all! Now that the muscles and joints have recovered I've had a bit of time to reflect on St. Swithun's Way. It turned out to be hellishly more difficult than I had anticipated. Luckily I only found out while I was actually under way. If I had known before I might have been a bit more apprehensive, especially doing it in the rain, and after there had also been a decent amount of that life giving force falling out the sky on previous days. This set the scene for what lay ahead........

It was raining when I surfaced from my dry, comfortable and warm slumber at 5:30 in the morning. Hey, at least it was light outside! Albeit, gloomy grey light. Got ready and left, on foot, for the station with the excitement of a child on Christmas morning. I did know in that nagging back-of-the-mind kind of knowing that it would be a bit challenging as most people would say that my fitness level was nowhere near what it should be to try running a fairly tough 55km. Finally I was getting my own real adventures going and I was ready to kick ass!

The train rides were fairly uneventful and quite being so early on a public holiday Monday morning. I did however have to ask the train driver to override the door system at Winchester station as the trains doors wouldn't open. So here's this odd looking chap wearing a vest and running short in single figure degrees (just to be clear Celsius NOT Fahrenheit) creating delays to the early morning timetable for the South-West Train service. Without checking beforehand, I assumed that the station would be right next to Winchester Cathedral. But why would it be, why should it be? It turns out they were a mile apart. Well there's yet another 1.6km on the legs.

About a mile to go.... just to get to the start!

On the way to the Cathedral I had to take a minor detour, all uphill, when I saw a sign showing the direction to the Round Table. Come on! King Arthur, Lancelot, Guinevere, etc. Who wouldn't take a detour? I got a bit carried away and didn't do much thinking on this aspect. Why would a place like that be open at 8:00am on a public holiday? But at least I got to see the Great Hall, from the outside. Right, time to get back on track as I was adding miles to the legs and hours to the day.

The Great Hall. Didn't get to see the Round Table.

It was time to regain focus and get movin' an' a groovin'. So off I went in search for the Cathedral. St. Swithun's Way was kind enough to rub it in a bit as I saw a sticker on a lamp post I walked past that read St. Swithun's Way. Sadly that meant I was going to be coming back past this way. The next time I saw this sign it would mean that I needed to be going, in the opposite direction, for about 54 kilometres before I finished the day. Finally I made it to Winchester Cathedral, the start of St. Swithun's Way.

After nearly 3 hours since I left home I was finally at the start.

Well that's the start, or technically not even the start. Next on how the progress was will be early next week. Thanks for your time.