Hi and welcome to the first AF blog post! We all have some burning ambition deep down inside of us that our minds constantly wonder off to regularly. If not, you should! There must be something you're absolutely passionate about? Something that burns so deeply, nothing nor anyone, can make that passion waiver. Okay, maybe slight wavering, but rarely. Yea now you're thinking about it! Well, are you pursuing it? Only you can answer that and only to yourself. If not, get out there and make it happen. There have been may a motto that I have thought about over the years (yes, that's how long I've been wanting to scratch this itch). For example, "Live live", then I realised I can't explain that all the time if you read that. First 'live' relates to the act of living. The second 'live' the 'i' pronounced as an 'i', like a live sporting event. Unless it's spoken it doesn't make sense in the written format. To cut a long story short I settled on "CHALLENGE YOURSELF." 

Adventure Freak and the challenges are my burning passion. Maybe that's a bit too lenient, obsession! Why, you may ask? Easy, to badly paraphrase George Mallory when asked about why he wants to climb Everest his answer was, "Because it's there." 

Good, that's the deep meaningful stuff out the way. What am I going to be doing? Basically, non-motorised endurance sports. Everyday sports. Running, mountaineering, swimming, cycling, and kayaking. I'm not going to try cross the Sahara Desert riding a polar bear without drinking water and only eating rocks and polar bear fur! Just everyday sports that you could start doing tomorrow. What's the first expedition? It's more a training exercise for a bigger one, but big enough to give it the expedition tag in my books. I'm calling it the North Downs Training Run (NDTR). Training for what?! Something I like to call the JOGLE Ultra 4! Details will follow in the coming weeks........ Watch this space. Details of the NDTR will be up in a blog post tomorrow. This blog is just the lead up to it all.

I'm starting with the running because it's the only discipline I've done a lot of so far. That will make it easier to get on with it. I'm not exactly going to try kayak the amazon with very little experience. Also running is the most easily accessible and cheapest discipline.

I think I'll leave it at that for now. Well done on getting this far in the blog. And, most importantly, THANK YOU for stopping in on the site, greatly appreciated. Until the next post....