Afternoon all!

Thank you for the support that you've been giving so far! It really is inspiring. Now that this has officially been going for about a week I better dish out a bit more of the goods on the North Downs Training Run. Let's try turning this into a bit of a story...... In the beginning Adam thought of doing a run, a long, world first (in a way) run. He got a bit carried away with the training. Plenty of it. That's all he thought he needed until one day people, far wiser than he is, started suggesting, "If you are going to try something like that you better do something but small beforehand and make sure you test your gear and nutrition/diet that you'll be using on the big one!"

The penny dropped...... THE END.

That's how we find ourselves with the North Downs Training Run. So what is it? It's basically going to be a training run, testing gear and nutrition combinations. It will be run along the North Downs Way. This is a trail that goes between Farnham, in Surrey and Dover. Yup, the place famous for its landmark of the White Cliffs. It turned out to be an ideal route so I can start in Dover and run home! 

North Downs Way. Decent for a testing, training run.

Here's the profile (if you can see it!) ~ 4,835 m (15,863 ft) of ascent

There are two 'routes'. The southern route, which goes past Folkstone to Dover and the northern route which goes via Canterbury to Dover. The run will be the northern route. Why? I think because it is the more historic from pilgrim days. I might be hopelessly wrong though. Also, because it is the longer of the two routes. The 'Canterbury Route' is 211 km long, or if you prefer it in old money, 131 miles.

The idea is to complete the run in 4 days or less. In which I'll make a little mini documentary. At night, I'll be 'wild camping'. This means I won't be staying in any accommadation bar a tent carried on my back. I'll be carrying everything I need on my back actually! This also means I'll have to get permission from various farmers along the route to stay on their land....

Get off my land! ~ The reading I've done indicates that the farmers along route are actually very hospitable!

So that's the idea. The run is to test my equipment, to see how my body copes with the running combined with the rather large load that I'll be carrying on my back. To test camera equipment and play around with which shots work and which make you nauseous while watching them. To see what combinations of nutrition are best. I don't quite want to go in blind on this. Don't want to be running and thinking, "Hmmm I'd rather have a luke warm bowl of boiled goats' eyes than this." I can imagine how that would put a damper on the most enthusiastic human being after a few days.

Well, what's all this training for?! It is training for an event in February of which the details will follow in the near future. Watch this space...... Thanks for paying a visit. Until the next post