Tough day.....

So, many months since the last blog post….. Hi guys! It’s taken its time but I’m finally back in the game. So, why the silence? Well many things were happening from this end, for better and for worse. Everything seems be well on track now. 

The last bit from my side was the video of my attempt at running the South Downs Way. If you missed it you can find it here. Please check it out and give some feedback. I’m trying to get input from people who know more than me on cinematography. That’s means it’s just about everyone! If you could give tips and tricks on how I can make better videos it would be much appreciated.  What’s it lacking? 

Anyway, South Downs Way is a 160km (100mi) trail from Eastbourne to Winchester. The idea was to pull 80km a day. So two days of running. I hugely underestimated how draining it would be to try carry a backpack of that weight for that distance! I never weighed the pack but it would have been well over 20 kilos. Especially considering I was carrying 6kgs of water alone! Well, if you’ve built up the strength and endurance to watch the video you’ll see that I completely bombed….. I didn’t even make it half way! In total I managed about ‘a third of the way’-ish. 

Bombed about half way between Lewes and Amberley.

Well that’s what you call leaving it on a bad note! Gotta love hind sight. We were going through a tough time then. And yes, I have wanted to become an adventurer for a long time but now that I look back at that it was more out of sheer desperation than calculated planning….. 

I was trying to get by on very limited, incorrect gear as I had no money to spend on even the most vital bit of kit, a pair of trail shoes. Yes I had trail shoes, but as you know running shoes have a limited lifespan, about 800 – 1000km. I think I can comfortably say mine were well past those figures! 

Shoes begging for retirement.....

Even worse, and actually even more my fault, was how undertrained I was! I was so desperate to get it going that I had put in nearly zero training for the events and just started. Having recently run St. Swithun’s Way (video here or first blog post here) successfully I thought I would be able to get through the South Downs Way run on mental steam alone. Wrong! The wall was well and truly hit! My watch died on me at 47.33km and I had burnt over 4000 calories by that stage. Shows how hard my heart was working. 

St. Swithun's Way. At least this was one success at the beginning!

Ok, enough doom and gloom. Time for some sunshine and rainbows! I went back to the drawing board. I needed two things to make this happen. The correct gear and fitness. Simple. I managed to get a bit of money together to get most of the correct gear and massively upgrade my video equipment for filming. You can see what the old set up was here. I’ll do another post soon on the new video gear list. So that’s moving in the right direction on the gear front. All that was left was the fitness. 

Getting fit, to that level, is very time consuming and takes a lot of patience. It can’t be rushed (as far as I know). I started properly in the middle of January with serious training and I’m happy to say I’ve made good progress. On the cardio side of things I’ve managed, so far, to get my resting heart rate to about 58 beats per minute which is great. 

What does this all mean? A bit more gear and a bit more training and I’ll be ready for an exciting first, true, challenging adventure at the end of May……… The cat will stay in the bag for now but watch this space as I’m going to need help naming the documentary for that adventure.

So, yup, I’m going all in on making this dream a reality!