Hey there. I wasn't going to put up a blog post for at least another few days, well here's another post.... Why you may ask? I'm busy writing a proposal for potential sponsors as I can't fund the next (big) event after the
MAY WAY series so I need sponsors! While rummaging through old material I came across this gem from about 5 years ago. I'm glad to see my core values have not wavered and I still stand by them. Well here it is....

"We, as humans, unlike other animals, have over the millennia, detached ourselves to ever greater extents, from the raw beauty of nature. We quickly forget what’s out there. So much to do, so much to see, and so much to experience all out our back door on this little planet. Mine, yours and everyone’s pale blue dot. 

It seems that the order of the day has become money and convenience. Most of us spend our lives from eight to five, Monday through Friday, chasing money. The rest of the time we spend worrying about money and worrying about chasing it! As we are doing this time is flying by us at a million miles an hour without us noticing. We get so caught up that the days, weeks, months, and even years go by in the blink of an eye. Every now and then, this will creep out of our sub-conscience and into our primary thoughts and we think things like, “Wow, I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of the year!” We get into a routine to hurry things up until that next paycheck arrives. Then, it’s quickly spent. We then focus on the next. Then that one is quickly spent, etc, etc, etc, etc…… I like to call this whole process Fast-Forwarding. We have all been guilty at one stage or another at fast-forwarding though life. 

One waking morning in the twilight of our lives we sit and ponder, “What happened to my life? It just went by so quickly. What happened to all my dreams and aspirations I had in my youth? I wish I had spent more time with my family than at work. I wish I had done more for the world and those around me.” What a scary thought! There is only ONE, yes ONE chance with life. It has got to add up to something! You have got to leave a footprint, and a big meaningful one at that. 

Money also buys the convenience mentioned earlier. One button to turn on the mind-numbing television. One packet of ready-made microwaveable meals. One flick of the switch to turn on the air-conditioning or the central heating. One twist of the faucet and there’s endless rivers of drinkable running water, both hot and cold! A click of another switch and then there is light. One turn of a key and there’s transport on easy roads (generally) to anywhere in the fossil fuel guzzling beast. All mentally paralyzing. It has become all too easy in our comfortable, convenient little worlds that we forget the bigger picture. We fail to appreciate the little things in life which are so special.

Comfortably Numb."

I was caught off guard with this one. I knew I had written something along the lines of the above down but I was pleasantly surprised that it was far better than I remembered. Your thoughts?

Yes the filming gear blog is still coming! Promise. Until then....