MAY WAY - St. Swithun's Way

Date: 26/05/14

St. Swithun's Way is a 55km trail route that travels from Winchester in Hampshire to Farnham in Surrey. Being that it was not any official event I was participating in meant that I had to rely on my own navigation skills with very basic information! I ended up making many wrong turns and back tracking...... All in all I covered about 62km.

Fifth Marathon

Date: 08/06/13

South Downs Marathon. First ever full trail marathon! Signed up off the cuff. One tough run! Basically traverse three fairly serious hills on the South Downs Way. Phew!! One tough marathon. Was good to run with my brother the whole route. Finish in a rather slow (to say the least!) 5h13m44s......

Fourth Marathon

Date: 16/09/12

Farnham Pilgrim Marathon. My first UK marathon, and first outside of South Africa. First marathon run not entirely on road. Fantastic Scenery. A few hills........, not much training but was happy with the performance. Finished in 4h14m29s. Time might seem slow but shows the nature of the run. Finished just outside the top 100 (103rd) and 15th in the age category (20 - 29).

Third Marathon

Date: 06/11/11

The Soweto Marathon. Wow, as a 'let's just do it I've always wanted to' off the cuff, the performance wasn't bad. To be honest though about how it felt...... GREAT, for the first 35km then death for the last 7km. At 35km I was on time to run the race sub 4 hours. At the end of the race the clock was about 4h28m13s. BOMBED! On the plus, I wasn't trying for a specific time.



Date: 30/05/10

Achieved the goal. Finishing in sub 9-hours with a bit of time to spare. 8h52m53s. Awesome a bit of time to spare. Stayed ahead of the 9 hour bus the entire race all 89 odd kilometres. Both my boet and old man pulled through nicely. We all did Comrades together.

Second Marathon

Date: 11/04/10

The Slow-Mag Marathon on the 11th of April 2010. The goal here was to run a nice 3h30min marathon. Reason being, it would comfortably put me in group C (sub 3:40) for Comrades. All was going well till about 34kms. I was well on track. Then, BANG. Puncture. My race pace dropped. With a final sprint towards the finish I was able to come in at 3h39m41s. That's OK. It still put me in group C, only just though.


My First Marathon!

Date: 31/01/10

The Johnson Crane Marathon on the 31st of January 2010. Crossing the finish line with the clock stopped at a nice 3h52m53s. Awesome. Goal achieved of running under 4-hours. It was great to have a healthy 7-minutes to spare. It also nicely put me in group D (sub 4:00) for Comrades.


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